Reusable Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Designed to retain your body heat and shield you from rain and wind, our reusable emergency sleeping bag is compact, convenient and light enough to never leave home when you head into the outdoors.  


  • Emergency Warming Tool: Retains 90% of your body's radiated heat to help preserve crucial warmth in cold and challenging circumstances
  • Professional Emergency Color: Highly visible vivid orange can be seen from distances and perfect for signaling help
  • Ideal Addition to Emergency Kit: Indispensable for any outdoor activity that takes you away from immediate help
  • Reusable: Portable and easy to clean with moistened cloth or rag


  • Size: 83.8 inches long x 35.8 inches wide
  • Temperature Scale: Will keep you alive well below freezing.  Comfort index down to -4° F
  • Fabric: Terylene