Mosquiter Beater 1 Person Hammock

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THE Perfect Relaxation Station

  • Ultralight - weighs less than 25 oz!
  • Fine layer of mosquito netting will keep all the pests out
  • Packs down small in included tote bag
  • Ideal for hiking, biking, camping, fishing, taking to the park, putting up in the back yard, or any other time you want to relax and enjoy the outdoors

Nothing can interrupt the relaxation of a summer day in the shade like finding a bug crawling on your skin.... or the feel of a dozen mosquitos sucking you dry. 

That's why we're excited to introduce our new Travel Mosquiter Beater Hammock.  Biting bugs, and even the harmless, but super annoying, black house flies don't stand a chance. 

Since it packs down so small, it's perfect to take along, whether you're heading to the park to read a book, or sleeping under the stars on your camping trip. 

The quick drying nylon fabric is mildew resistant and the double-sided zipper runs the length of the hammock giving easy entry and exit.  A pocket on the interior of the hammock stores glasses, car keys, a flashlight, or anything else you want to keep close.

Comes in 11 color choices and includes both the hanging kit and the net suspension kit with two 10-ft ropes.  

Hammock Weight:  24 ounces
Hammock Dimensions:  102 x 51 inches
Capacity:  440 pounds