Mini GPS Tracker

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    Never Get Lost Again

    Our mini GPS tracker can do almost everything a large, heavy tracker can do:

    • Set a destination- go right to it
    • Record distance traveled
    • Provide direction- at a glance
    • Provide distance to destination
    • Provide current position and speed
    • Display the time (synchronized by satellite)

    What makes this GPS so unique to all the others on the market is that it weighs practically nothing, fits virtually anywhere, and provides the same features a larger, more expense unit offers.  Set a weigh point and hike right to it.  Mark your "home" and get back to your vehicle safely.  This mini GPS unit is the perfect backup to never leave behind.

    Typical Uses: Outdoor mountain climbing, hiking, bike riding, camping 
    Casing Material: ABS Plastic 
    Display(Screen): 5.0 x 2.5 inches 
    Operating Time: 8-12 hours in active mode, 48-60 hours in standby 
    Operating Temperature: -5 to + 120 Degrees Fahrenheit  
    Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery (390 mAh lithium battery) 
    Charge/Recharge: via USB 
    Setting: Backlight, Clock, Time Zone, Measure Unit, Clear POI, Cold Start, Reset Default 
    - Position: Up to 10 meters 
    - Velocity: 0.1m/second 
    Time to Start: 
    - Hot Start: 5 Seconds approx. 
    - Warm Start: 40 Seconds approx. 
    - Cold Start: 2 Minutes approx. 
    - Tracking: 161 dBm 
    - Re-Acquisition: 157 dBm 
    - Acquisition: 148dBm 
    Certification:Protocol: NMEA-0183 v3.01 CE, FCC, RoHS 
    Units: Can display both metric and imperial standards 
    Dimensions: 2.5" L x 2" W x 0.8" H 
    Package weight: 3.67oz
    Way Points: 18 can be programmed in

    Package Content: 

    1 x GPS Location Finder 
    1 x Keychain with Carabiner 
    1 x USB Cable 
    1 x User Manual