Military 1000mw 303 Green Laser Pointer

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High Power Military Style Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is one of the best selling laser pointers on the market.  At 42.95 this laser is a STEAL!   It can light matches, easily reach out to 2000 yards, and make pointing out the stars a snap!

With multiple focus modes, you not only have a super focused beam, but can also make several cool design patterns.  

Perfect for presentations, teaching and playing, few people realize how truly awesome these lasers are until they have one in their hand.  


* Material: air craft aluminum
* Beam: green
* Battery: 18650 lithium rechargeable- included
* OutPut Power: 1000 mw
* Weight: 4 oz.  Perfect to put in a pocket or hand bag.
* Expected Lifetime: 2000+ hours
* Locking: 2 keys are included to lock laser from turning on


* Avoid direct eye exposure.  This laser is very powerful and looking directly into the beam can cause damage.
* To light a match, adjust the focal length to the largest beam, and hold the match at a distance of about 4 inches (thinnest part of the beam)
* In cold weather, the laser will need a few seconds to warm up.


* 1x Laser Pointer
* 1x Lithium Battery
* 1x Battery Charger