6 Pc Lighted Arrow Nocks

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Lightweight, dependable and highly visible, with a shot- activated switch that won't turn off until reset by the archer.  Made of clear plastic, our Lighted Nocks provide maximum light transmission and can be seen from great distances.  Installation requires no glue or magnets.  Battery lasts 20+ hours.  Fits standard carbon arrows and super- uni aluminum arrows.


  • Sizes: Two sizes offered that fit vast majority of arrows.
  • Shot activated Switch.  Won't turn on or off accidentally.
  • Seen from hundreds of yards away.
  • Weighs 20 gr.
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Weather and waterproof 
  • Pieces per package: 6 NOCKS
  • Fits Carbon arrows with .244 - .246 inside diameter (Standard G/T) & .204(X) inside diameter -See Sizing Guide-here
  • Made from: Super tough polycarbonate material with press-in-fit design.
  • Installation: Insert nock into shaft, align to desired position and you're ready to shoot.
  • Battery: Non replaceable.  Lasts 20 - 40 hours
  • Turn off: Simply push back activator switch located on the side of nock.