2018 COPOZZ Snow Goggles

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2018 New Design!

What's New for 2018?

  • Upgraded anti-scratch performance
  • Longer lasting anti-fog functionality
  • Better helmet compatibility
  • Increased optical clarity
  • Improved wide angle spherical vision (180 degrees!)

What makes the COPOZZ goggles so amazing? 

  • 4 Lens to create the perfect Glass.  Outer and inner lens provide a scratch proof surface and anti fog coating technology.  Inner two lenses offer 100% UV protection and amazing clarity. 

  • Fog Free GogglesThe Smart + Ventilation design allows air to flow a single direction, keeping the glass crystal clear in even the worst weather.
  • Wear Over Glasses.  The OTG (over glasses) design lets you wear glasses under the goggles.  (up to 5.6 in. length/ 1.65 in. height) 
  •  Soft and Comfy.  Made with triple layered foam, Copozz goggles mold to your face and are super comfortable to wear.
  • Grip Strap.  Easy-adjust buckles and a long strap with textured fabric keeps the goggle snuggly in place for even the most noteworthy crashes.